Could I Add Clear Cut out Passenger and pilot windows to my 1/19 scale Plane?

Should I Add Clear Plastic Passenger and Pilot windows to my 1/19 scale boeing 757-200

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Currently I Am Working on Plans and a list of items and plans for my 1/19 scale Boeing 757-200 With United airlines Battleship Livery.
I Notice on smaller rc airplane models there are clear windows on them. I Was thinking about add some to my Airplane, To save me From finding out were to line up the windows for decal placement. Yes In the inside of my plane will be plastic to cover the windows form the inside. I Notice how Ramy Rc Have Pilot Windows Cut out on one of his planes, So Can I Do Passenger windows to? Would that effect my Plane in flight or at all? Also Each Window For Passenger is 1.2 cm Width And Is 2.1 cm Long Or hight.
Other Maybe Useful Info About my Plane.
Scale: 1/19
Wingspan: 1.8 m
Length: 2.0 m 207.5 CM
Weight: 5 kg (With Battery) (With No Fiberglass cloth and covering film and vinyl sticker. Also There are not cut out windows to in the weight)