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CraftyDan is crafting again: DTDD


Hostage Taker of Quads
Starting up a new build. the local birds are guardedly laughing -- they remember last time I tried to steal their air, but they know I'm still trying.

settled on some plans, printed 'em out @ the local office supply. picked up some matte board for patterns, and chopped up the pattern:

laid each piece out on $tree foam board to check fit:

yup. plenty of room on 2 sheets.

Time for glue:

Using 3M's re-positionable -- fairly close to sticky-note glue, and perfect for this job. add glue, tack the middle and smooth outward from there. If an outer edge holds early, the glue will slide and push the wrinkle out.

Now, out with the blades! start with a dull blade to rough cut:

Switch to new sharp blade make the close cut:

Almost done cutting patterns -- just the wings left -- not bad for a late start on the first night. I'll start fresh w/ a new blade tomorrow! Carnage so far:

. . . and what am I building you may ask? (if you haven't guessed already) It's a DollarTree Duplex Delta:

Original Build Thread: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=559186
Pattern Source(free, but must register): http://www.rcplans.nl/

more to come . . . (hopefully!)
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Hostage Taker of Quads
. . . And back to cutting. Finished trimming out the last of the patterns:


once the patterns are done, drilled holes at critical points large enough to stick a pen tip through to transfer the points:


And on to cutting foam. Switch to a fresh #11 blade and chop up some foam. simple -- just lay down the template, firm pressure to keep it from moving and around I go with the x-acto blade.

Once I've got the right number of parts, cut/bevel elevon hinges and score and strip any area I'll have foam-foam bond or the foam will bend:


For the bendy parts, I come back w/ a CD to compress the bend:


All done cutting! out they go for a minwax treat. Dry fit and gluing begins tomorrow!


Hostage Taker of Quads
Everything back from drying overnight, on with the gluing!

First, ad a CF rod to the bottom wing for rigidity. Fit the former between the two fuselage sides, then fit them all down on the wing, applying glue as we go. time to wait 30 min to set:


Next add a fiberglass rod to the LE for impact resistance. applied using red packing tape, for looks (and should fit in planned theme):


Now for decisions -- I want to cut a rudder into the plan, but the tail portion of the fuselage is partially curved toward the bottom. another potential option is to glue in a hinge material, then glue the rudder to the material later -- but what hinge material? Digging around, I found some Mylar from an old balloon and some transparency film. put together some samples to see if they bonded:

Good news! both worked! I'm picking the transparency film because it's tougher and I've got enough in hand to do the job. so cover every bonding surface liberally, insert the transparency film and clamp the tail together:

now that the back end is together, time for more decisions - first place the servos w/ popsicle stick backings to hold the screws in. decided to mount the Rx on the left side of the middle compartment and the ESC on the right in the front:

the hard part: how am I going to get to all of this -- the plans lack a hatch! seeing what others have done, I liked the idea of making the bend at the front panel a hinge and the whole wing flips up for access, or is rubber-banded down for flight. couple of things I'll need to do to make this work. first re-enforce the sides and build an insert for the wing so it aligns with the fuse:

next, install the rubber-band tie-down to something sturdy (drilled a hole through the backers for the servos and slipped a glued skewer into it):

finally cut/tape the hinge(with additional reinforcement):


Now a final dry-fit:


Cut the former a little and added Velcro to hold the battery. Then finished the firewall and glued it all together. added rubber-bands to keep pressure on the joints as the glue cured:


30 minutes later, removed the bands and trimmed the excess glue off:


Well, that was fun! coming along nicely. All that's left is mounting/connecting surfaces, finish mounting the motor and prop, set CG and she's ready to fly!

Carnage so far:



Hostage Taker of Quads
Well, not much left from yesterday . . .

First finish the control surfaces:

Pretty easy, since the plans set positions for the servos. also attached some foam over the transparency "hinge"

next, mount the motor. had to re-route power through the side to get the wires off the belly:

finally time for weight and balance! toss in a 3s1300 and see how it goes.

AUW is just under 300g - nice!

Balance, however is horrid! had to sling the battery all the way forward and add 25g:

Even still, running 11.5 oz for 85W & 120sqin.

All back together, but lost the race with the sun. battery is charged and ready -- hoping for good weather tomorrow for a maiden.

no more carnage tonight . . . if maiden doesn't go well, there may be more tomorrow ;)


Hostage Taker of Quads
Good news and sorta good news . . .

the Good news -- Maiden went beautifully (after swapping out a prop that was all sorts of wrong). climbs well, handles well, performed my first axial roll :D It really does handle well, but . . . well . . . I'm not that great of a pilot. After 2 controlled forced landings, the third was:


a bit too rough.

the sorta good news? At most, I'm out $3 airframe and $1.50 prop. Well worth the three amazing flights up and about. And if I can repair . . .

If I can patch it back together, I'll post a video, if not, I think I'll have another, sir . . .