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Crash support group

Hey fellows,
after wrecking some props i destroyed the fuselage of my Tiny Trainer.
But the wing survived and I decided to build a mini simple storch and recycle the most of the parts. I've scaled down the plans to 66%, scratch build the parts, reused some of the old parts and got some new servos. 20190531_193332.jpg
Build the fuselage in a few Hours and wired everything up. I will use the old TT wing for the test flight and then switch it into the storch wing.

The wing fits perfect at 66% Scale
Have to install the Landing gear and then I will go for a test flight. I've build a second power pod with a F Pack Motor on, just for sure, also don't know if the thrust angle will be god, but we'll see ;)


Maidened my Small Spirit yesterday. However, I "forgot" to secure the battery. Truthfully, I knew it wasn't secured and I convinced myself it would be fine. It was not.
Ouch! Gotta watch that battery! I've had that happen to my tiny trainer. Good thing it happened over tall grass. Like I've said before, that planes seen very limited flight


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I don't have this on video but today while I was bringing a TT up for my son so he can glide it down I had my motor firewall come lose. It was a halirous thing to watch, luckilyI realised this quick enough to flick the throttle off switch that I set up and no damage was done. The plane came down a death spin manner intact with the motor still connected to the fuselage through the cables.
Not sure what happened. Flying along fine, and then she's suddenly nose down and heading for the mesquite trees.

Other club members say there's something about that area near the flying field, as several planes have gone down there under mysterious circumstances. I also find it more than a bit coincidental that I was using the same battery as was in my Cherokee when it went down (though that was due to my own error).

I need to evaluate if this is going to be repairable, or if I should salvage the electronics and any other usable parts, and just build up something new.
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I pulled the wing off this weekend, and gave it a more thorough exam. The carbon spar molded into each half of the wing is shattered on one side, and possibly on the other. The way the wing is designed, I'm not sure the spar could be easily removed and replaced. The fuselage appears repairable. The tail break is fairly clean (currently have it just taped back together to keep it from flopping around). It might have done some damage to the rudder servo when it snapped and flopped around. The servo still works, but it sounds rough. There is a bit of creasing on the side of the nose, which should be able to be corrected with a little warming to relax the foam and restore it to its original shape. Battery hatch cover lost its latch, but that can be taken care of with a little bit of Velcro.

A new OEM wing set costs about $65, but I think before I order one, I'm going to try designing a replacement wing, based on the wing from the Simple Storch. The Storch wing is about the same span, just a bit narrower leading to trailing edge. The principles of the wing construction, though, should hold true with a basic foamboard wing designed to fit the Sensei. I think, too, with a bit of creative design, and can incorporate the stock wing mounting system from the Sensei into a foamboard wing. The worst that happens, is I waste a bit of time and a few bucks for foamboard, before deciding to just spend the money for the OEM wing. I might even be able to cut the mangled original wings flush with the side of the fuselage, and attach the new foamboard wings to that, to make the mounting fit well.

One way or another, it'll be an adventure in learning.