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Crash Test RC - Build Fly Crash Share

Trying to learn backflips didn't work out so well for me...
Time to build the Knuckle H!
It flys!
Keychain cam from LazerToys takes some good shots for not being HD. But I think its time for a GOPRO!
Train1.png train2.png houses.png


Dedicated foam bender
I'm not sure what happened on this one. I talk about lockout and radio trouble but I wasn't able to duplicate the issue. I'm almost leaning towards the aileron coming loose Since the wing took no damage in the crash.
It's fixed now and has flown again a few times...

Ron B

Posted a thousand or more times
does a blown away count
I was am flying with just a slight breeze and knew the winds were suppose to get bad later but I figured I was early enough and would be done before the picked up. I was going to try some airobatics that I have never done so I got up high and the wind came up and I couldn't fight it with my skills so I lost it.
I will be getting another one this weekend. No more morning flights if the wind is suppose to get strong, I will just wait and see if they die down in the evenings.

Ron B

Posted a thousand or more times
Nope I could not find it and am getting another one tomorrow while we are in the big city to celebrate mothers day a day early with the wife.
I am also getting her a mothers day gift at that time. I thought I had better clear up the fact that I am not getting my wife a plane so I can fly it. (I wish she also had an interest in rc)
Nice what plane are ya getting? I know the feeling my wife is not into it either. I see your from Bristow, I went to college in Tulsa and worked at the DZ in Cushing

I just replaced the nose, I cut away the damaged area, glued a foamboard doubler on the inside of the nose and attached the new nose to the doubler.

Ron B

Posted a thousand or more times
I got a steal on my Delta Ray as they had put it together and used it once as a demo then hung it up as a display. I had called ahead and made sure they had one in stock and was told yes they had one and also the display one. when I got there the next day the one in stock had been sold and he told me he would let me have the display RTF for $150 (new $179) It didn't have the landing gear installed so I put them on as the old Delta didn't have them on either. the nose gear had both screws stripped out so I will have to get next size bigger screws and had to clean some dust off of it. I saved about $42 dollars as he didn't charge me tax.
whew this has been a tough rebuild.:rolleyes:
I have name and phone # on this one


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Is that blood on your bloody wonder?!?

If it makes you feel any better, I've got three that look pretty much just like that one, and as soon as I've got space on the build table, a fourth one is getting built. it was a *BLAST* getting them in that condition and I plan on wringing every bit of life out of the next one!


I Like SBach 342's
Here's my contributions!

First, a 3DHobbyShop Edge that I crashed on the maiden... I forgot to check the control surfaces, and sure enough the ailerons were reversed.
photo 3.JPG

Next up, the Durafly Dynamic-S that I flew vertically into the ground at 60+mph:
photo (5).JPG

Luckily both are now completely repaired. I've since flown the Dynamic-S but the Edge will have to wait until I've recovered fully from shoulder surgery and can comfortably hold a transmitter.