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Crashing planes

I know you guys do a lot of crashing, so I was wondering if you could look into the website Killerplanes.com. I am a newbie when it comes to fixed aircraft and my biggest fear is crashing and having to do endless repairs.

So, I guess the theory is to drill support rods into the foam frame. So, I was wondering, can you do an episode on this?

Is it any good? Does it make the plane too heavy or unbalanced? Does it really protect? If it does protect is it even worth the bother/cost? You could even crash two planes side by side and use it in your next season's intro.

Thanks guy! Glad I found your site, loads of fun!

If this is not episode worthy, are there any others that have any info that can shed some light on this topic. Thanks!

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Only if you aren't careful. I respect my planes and I don't do to many stupid things when I fly a trainer... That's for the Stryker:p!
Before I learned that, I was always crashing. Learn that early, and you won't have to fix things as often. Also get a solid plane that can take some abuse, like an EPP trainer and use that. I learned on balsa...


Even the most careful cannot prevent that which is beyond his control.

You WILL crash as you learn to fly. There are ways to reinforce an airplane, but I have my doubts about making an airplane bullet proof.

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No plane that's bullet proof will fly worth anything. Learn by using good technique, good equipment and flying within your abilities. Use good judgement and play it safe. Work on orientation. Work on take off technique, landings, approaches, descending with elevator, descending using just power, controlling your speed on landing, flying slowly, flying fast, keeping your wings level when flying slow etc. Once you start pushing it you're most likely going to crash. Only you can know what your limits are. Stay within them and you won't need to bullet proof anything.
NO I know that it sounds good but it will do more harm than good. First, it will make the CG change in a plane (especially RTF) making it hard to find. This is important as you said you are a newbie. If the CG or center of gravity, is off then the plane will not fly correctly and you will learn nothing.

Second, with the money you spend on the crash proofing kit, you could buy yourself a good simulator (Phoenix) and learn without crashing real airplanes.

Third, they are pretty difficult to install in most of the planes unless you have good experience with it.

Last, It doesn't matter what you do to a plane, it will break some way when you crash it.

I am by no means bashing Killerplanes at all. As a beginner, you should stick with the basics and learn the right way before you try to take any short cuts. If you have any questions about this please ask. I have done several crash kits on other people's airplanes and just don't think they are worth it.


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Yes they do. I've caught a couple of those and I'll verify that Jedi and Sith do in fact crash quite a bit. Clones can't fly very well it seems.


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OH OH OH....i just noticed I am NOW a senior member! what would be the traditional celebratory festivities for such a momentous occasion?
You could buy yourself a beer :D

Back on topic though, HeliMaster, I flew for about 5 months on a simulator - almost daily, plenty of spare time - and I haven't had a really big crash yet, only bad landings and bounces and cartwheels. Fixable plane damage. Don't expect to be so lucky yourself!
This killerplanes.com thing has been around awhile, yet i don't know a single solitary person with any experience with their product or any mention of them on other forums. Their vids are convincing but yet at the same time totally unbelievable for anyone who has smack the earth with a foamie a time or two. btw little off topic but the purveyor of killerplanes the talking head in these videos grates my soul....could you imagine being stuck on an elevator with this guy?
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haha, you're going to crash man, it's going to happen. If you want your plane to last a bit longer invest in some carbon fiber or some laminate film. What is your plane? That would help..