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Crazy project suggestion


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I recently started watching your videos and have been enjoying them a lot. It is a lot of fun watching you guys try out different aircraft and even coming up with your own designs. I wasn't sure where to put this suggestion so I hope here is ok.

About a week ago I played through a computer game by the name Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak. In one of the missions within this game you had to secure a landing zone for supply craft. I feel a little foolish suggesting this as I have no idea how doable it would even be. Seeing as the craft in question is from a game. I was wondering if it were possible to build one of the supply craft in much smaller rc size. Not scale as I have no idea how large the crafts are within game and thus no reference to actual measure. The craft in question are a sort of flying wing design but with a similar design to that of a biplane.





Trying to find a still image of one of these has proven quite difficult so I apologize for the lack of imagery to go on. If it isn't something you guys find interesting that is fine ^^.

Keep having fun! =^_^= I look forward to future videos
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