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Creating Custom FT model for RealFlight

Foam Addict

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Could you make an FT3D for RC desk pilot?
I know it isn't realflight, but I can't afford RF.
There are many 3D designs for RCdesk pilot, and you could base it off those.
Thank you,
Foam Addict.


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I tried that program once. Its hard to compare it to RF, which is what I am used to. The importation process is much different and would require quite a bit of re-work. If anyone knows more how to do this I would be happy to provide the 3D model and CS in whatever format they would like.


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So to start this off I would like a general consensus of which one would be most popular.
Funny you should ask, as the reason I came to this forum was to suggest a Bixler 2! I think we owe it to Josh. And Josh. Also I have one on order and would like a little practice so that I don't destroy it or lose it in a tree on the maiden flite. Please! Please!
Oh man, the FT3D is really cool in Real Flight, I don't know how it compares to a real one, I am just really getting started in the RC Flying, learning a lot from RealFlight after watching my biz partner crash & burn a Apprentice S (It actually caught fire in the tree and burnt up everything) and then rip the wings off a VisionAire 3D. I am starting with Flite Test - would love to see the Nutball or the FT Flyer for RealFlight


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Well, to be honest there really has not been a lot of interest in the FT series for RF. At least not that has been fed back to me. I've been focusing on other projects to help develop building skills. That is really what I am passionate about. I love to be in the shop getting dusty.
I have actually been seriously contemplating doing a Flite Test series for RealFlight myself, then I saw wilsonman's FT-3D on the KE Swaps, and then found him here, lol.

I don't want to steal any of your thunder, wm, but I do want to do the FT-Flyer so that my brood can fly it virtually before they tear up a real one!

I also want a Batbone Tri-Copter in RealFlight.....
Where can I go to download it, and how do you install it intro RF7. Just bought the sim and am very new to it.

Found the download, but still need assistance in getting it into RF7.
Don_D, I assume you are talking about the FT3D done by wilsonman, but this will apply to ANY model from the swap pages:

Once you have downloaded the model, drag it to a folder where you know you can find it later, (I always put them in a folder in my Documents folder listed as "RF Aircraft")

Then fire up the RealFlight software, once it is fired up and you are ably to fly, got to the menu at the top of the screen, left side, (you may need to hit the "Alt" key if you run it in full screen mode)

Click on simulator, move down to Import, then in the box that pops up to the side, move to "RealFlight Archive (.rfx, etc.)"

Click there, then a dialog box pops up where you can navigate to the folder where the model you want to import is located, once you find the model, click to select it, then click open.

Now it will take a few seconds for the sim to import the model, and then you can go to the select aircraft dialog box, and select the new model, it will always be under "RealFlight Custom Aircraft". Keep in mind, depending on the model, and the complexity of the colorscheme, the sim can take as much as 5 minutes to create the .dds file required to display the model, this is normal, and only happens the first time you select it.

One thing I like to do, after importing a particular model, is I will create a now folder inside my "RF Aircraft" folder, called "Already imported" and then move the models that I import into that folder.

That way, I don't end up trying to re-import the same model again if I am doing a "batch import", but that's me.
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Correction, I've only done the FT3D. FT flyer has not been done yet as far as I know. I was saying have at it for Alternative to make the sim model.