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Crius AIOP (Clone) Arming Problem

http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/..._2560_V2_0.html?strSearch=multiwii megapirate

Using this board w/ the Arduino/MultiWii firmware stuff (this is sort of abstract to me, coming from a KK2) on a tricopter, which is giving me an arming problem.

I somehow managed to arm it last night, but it armed by going to the left, so I reversed the rudder on my tx, then it disarmed by going left, which makes sense, but wouldn't arm after that (going right). Went through this process multiple times, so I'm pretty sure its a yaw issue, not throttle, but I could be wrong. The included picture is at no throttle and full right rudder. If I can provide any other information, just let me know!

Separate little annoyance: in some of the manuals for this board that I've seen, you can define the tricopter as having all the motors rotate the same direction. How is this done? Not a big deal as I know the KK2 flew just fine having all cc motors while on the screen it would show one having a clockwise rotation, this just irks me more than anything.

Thanks for any help you folks can provide.



In Arduino, under "MultiWii", there's a section called "rc functions". You can change MINCHECK and MAXCHECK to define the endpoints. This fixed it for me.