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Cross-Platform Landing Gear

As part of an engineering project for school, I've decided to try to design a set of landing gear that can be used for planes, helis, and multirotors designed for beginners or early intermediate pilots. I have ~2 years experience in RC, and I would like to get opinions from those with more time in the hobby as to the design of this gear. What would you like to see in a set of gear that can be field-swapped across airframes?


Dedicated foam bender
Needs to be robust to take a hard landing, lightweight enough for aircraft, and it will need to have a stable stance to be compatible with both heli's and multi's. I'm not sure how you'll make them multi-platform compatible since you will be at cross purposes going from airplanes to heli's/multi's.
Thanks for the input; I'm thinking along the lines of modularity. Maybe different part configurations for different platforms. Sort of the same concept as AnyCopter: "Here are the parts, set them up the way you need them."