Crossfire 4 Channel / Arm Switch?


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Crossfire Mico v2 is a 4 channel RX... I believe only #1 and #2 will be used for stick control, will it allow use of #3 or #4 to be used as an arm/disarm channel?

I'm still stumbling through my quad knowledge - flying my FlexRC owl build (thanks to the help from this forum!), and RTF Vortex 250 - I feel a Crossfire set-up would allow for a little more freedom, I'm just a little hesitant about the change-over from Spektrum to the Crossfire.

Any tips appreciated!
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Crossfire gives you 12 channels via a serial connection to a UART on the FC. You can configure the pins however you like, by default I believe pin 1 is Tx and pin 2 is Rx.