Crossfire Diversity - see individual antenna RSSI?


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Anybody out there using a Crossfire Diversity receiver? Can you tell me if the telemetry sensors 1rss and 2rss show different numbers or do they show the same number on your aircraft?

I recently upgraded my long range quad from a Crossfire Nano to a Crossfire Diversity Nano RX.
I have a vertically mounted bardpole antenna, and a horizontally mounted Immortal T.

In the Telemetry sensors in OpenTX, I can receive 1rss and 2rss, which the Crossfire manual says are the individual RSSI readings for the two antennas.

BUT -- the two numbers from 1rss and 2rss are always exactly the same as each other. And when I check my logs, they stay exactly the same as each other for the whole flight. That can't be true, can it?

More frustratingly, I took a look at one of my other quads which has a non-diversity nano in it, and it has the same behavior -- the two numbers are always equal to each other. (Yes, they change, but they always change together.)

On my diversity receiver, I've tried disconnecting each of my antennas one at a time, and swapping them out for other antennas. I get different readings from different antennas, but the two numbers are always exactly the same as each other.

I'm using a Tango II, with my Crossfire firmware at version 4.11 (I can't get Agent X or Agent M to successfully upgrade to 6.07, so I'm sticking with 4.11 for now.)