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Custom Decals?


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
From what I´ve heard and what I did, the best way of doing that if you really want to customize nicely, go to a copy shop and make them copy stickers for you and that doesn´t cost too much either.


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heres what i did, i was figuring that ill do it this way till i am confident i won't break a cowl very often lol i tape-laminated some printed images and taped them to the nose. needed some nose art that was "me" hahaha since I'm headed into the USAF i put USAF and USAAF stickers on the front

photo-7.JPG photo-8.JPG

figure it will look great from a distance lol


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thanks for the ideas, ill have to look into the vinyl prints, looking for something do-it-yourself... wonder if theres clear vinyl instead of the white


If you want cheap and easy, I can show you that. If you want "looking good" close up, well, stop being so damned picky. The decals I made for my Super Cub were just stolen images from the internet (open source-leave me along copyright police) printed on photo quality paper. I bought super thin, double sided sticky stuff at Michael's to adhere.

They looked great until you and I went flying in the snow that day.... Now they look AWESOME! Tye dye AAF insignias!


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Just getting around to the forum again and noticed this thread.
If anyone needs some custom decals made or designed, I can make them for you and mail them out.

I made the first big bunch of the flitetest logos for Chad last year. I think they came out pretty well.
Send me a PM or reply if needed.

aka Shady