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Custom FPV Antenna holder


Senior Member
So I have been using the Red fatshark 5,8GHz cloverleaf antenna's and they used to stick out the back of the QAV250 and simply bent up, however I have already broken the antenna mounts of 3 video transmitters.

Next was purchasing the right angle adapters for the antennas and then feeding it through one of the holes in the QAV upper deck, however this has already happened 3 times.


I had one of the first fatshark antennas lying around, the one with the flexible shaft but it the holes in the top plate weren't big enough to fit the SMA through so I drilled it out and then slid the antenna through and connected it to the VTX.


It would work but won't last very long as the strain would be on the coax to connector and I think it would fail rather quickly.

I had some thin steel cable lying around from another project, this stuff is perfect, it's flexible yet maintains it's shape perfectly.

I bent a piece at a right angle in the vice and soldered the ends to stop it unravelling.



Next I measured it up to make sure it has enough leverage to support the inevitable crashes and drilled smalls holes so that I can support the wire with some copper wire and make a kind of harness.



Lastly I cable tied the antenna to the springy steel cable.


Excuse the long writeup, I thought someone would find it useful.