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cutting foam board?


Flite is good
Just about any sharp knife works well. The more comfortable it is for you to handle, the better.

I use a box cutter and/or just its blades. I have also used exacto hobby knives. I prefer the box cutter and its blades.

As far as labor and accuracy, a lazer cutter would be the best. Short of that expense, a CNC works just as well.


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What Teajr66 said. I like the exacto for smaller spots and curves. Lots of patience! for me the cut out is the least favorite part of the build, and while I will get a speed kit on occasion, I can't usually justify the expense of a kit when you can cut it out yourself.

Keep your blades sharp and you'll be fine!


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sharp blade and ALWAYS cut at as severe an angle as possible. multiple passes may be best, too. also, be sure to hold the blade at 90* to the foam, else the cut edge will be at an unintended non-square angle!
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Harbor Freight folding box cutter for the big blades - works the best on long cuts and is cheapest option.


I invested about $100 in the Logan foam board kit. the 45 and 90 cutters are phenomenal.