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Cutting Readi-board foamboard with a CNC router

Can the knife work with any router?

Can I put the attachment (knife) on any router, or does it have to be a high quality specific one? becuase I dont see how you can get the kind of percision out of, lets say, a sub $100 router?
welcome to the forums! From the distance you are from the camera it looks spot on! Are you looking to offer a cutting service? Also can the cutter be designed to score the paper and not go all the way through it. We score it usually for hinges. Once scored we fold it back and make a 45* cut so it can move. Can the cutter do that or is it simply a vertical cut?

Noone should use the pdfs that flight test creates and cut themout themsves om a cnc to sell. Flighttest sells their own speed builds, while it is more expensive, alot of the money is going to supporting their jobs becUse it is how they make their living
Which one did you buy?

well i just bought one .its not just the actual tool, its the software the support and honestly its the geomtry of it. ya its half the price i paid for my cnc mach used but its cheaper the a 9k laser machine and does a better job theres no other way to cut dollartree foamboard with the paper on,yes you can use a laser cutter but notice the valley when it burns threw the paper it melts the foam back,this tool dosent have this problem, and the other people making something like it cant cut anything this thick. and its 3 times the price. easy to cut fan fold foam with a tile rotozip bit. but its wavy flimsy and cost more then dollar tree foamboard we use dollartree foamboard b/c it has the paper on it .its a surpior product i make rc airplane kits so i make them in large amounts, cutting them by hand is not a option. yes up front it seems like alot. but ive seen routerbits that cost more.
Which machine do you recommend to cut dollartree foamboard with the paper on?
Thanks for sharing =)
Could you post the settings you use to cut with? I am using the vectric dragknife gadget with your d2 knife and I cant get mine to come out as nice as the one you cut.