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Dal props, spinning vegomatic of deth!!!


Wake up! Time to fly!
So I was out flying yesterday and finally got a non hurricane winds day to fly some FPV to see how the new wiring worked with 4s. I have been flying LOS on 4s for a while now and have a nice tune for it set in profile 2 on the FC. Well evidently I didn't do the change profiles thing correctly and ended up flying on my pid 1 3s settings. Made for a really non graceful session for which I crashed at least one time on each of the three batteries I flew.

Anyway to keep with the "Safety" part of this section for threads I managed to put my last crash into a row of corn growing in the back of the field where I fly. When I located the quad it was standing straight up with the back props pointed in the dirt (I thought they were sheared off) and leaning on the next row of corn. When I picked it up I saw that NONE of the props were broken. When I turned to walk back I saw that several stalks of corn have been severed cleanly about waist high. At that point I had decided my luck was at maximum output and thought it was time to call it a day and go home undamaged.

This morning when I was finally up and about I started the charging process for the batteries I had used and to start cleaning and inspecting the quad over morning coffee as is my normal routine. When I picked it up to inspect it I noticed it was all sticky. I then realized it was the starchy residue from where it had sheared those cornstalks off. It didn't really hit me yesterday as I was just happy I found my quad and that it was in one piece. I looked it over better as I was cleaning it off and checked the gaps on the motor bells by spinning the motors by hand. The front ones were fine and I didn't notice any change as they spun. The back ones however looked weird to me yet the light I saw between the gap was consistent.

When I looked up at the top of the motor the tip of the shaft above the prop didn't move side to side as I rotated it. It was the optical illusion of the blades being bent nearly perfectly one about a half a mm higher then the next that threw me off.
It was strange as when I spun the props on the motors they seemed to track perfectly so I guess I had the copter on a slight angle that made it look straight. It wasn't until I removed them and set them on glass that I saw one prop closer to the glass and the other two slightly higher then the one next to it. There wasn't even the slightest nick in the blades where they made impact.

Moral of the story DAL props are seriously tough props. Second if they can hack corn like that imagine what it would do to a soft fleshy humanz body parts. Ill walk out and get pictures of the cornstalks if I remember next time I am out there to show how cleanly they were cut now that I know it was the quad and not something else that cut them down.

Stay safe, stay AWAY from spinning props at all costs.