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(Das) Little Stick Parkflyer Plans


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I'm getting host error messages trying to download the plans from the initial post in this thread. If anyone has a copy, could you please repost as form attachments?

I'm getting host error messages trying to download the plans from the initial post in this thread. If anyone has a copy, could you please repost as form attachments?

I will try to get them posted for you soon. I just need time to get on my desktop computer where I have them saved. Did you want the .dxf version also?
I haven't forgotten about the plans. Having 5 and 3 year old boys full-time this summer makes getting on my desktop difficult. I will try to get them posted yet tonight.
I wanted to share some progress pictures of my stick so far.


I am still waiting on a couple servos and an esc to come in the mail. So I figured I would build some landing gear for it. I am very please with how it looks I will have to wait and see how if performs. Also as it sits it is very tail heavy so I thought even semi-functional weight was better then dead weight.


You can also see where I modified the firewall to accept a mighty mini power pod as I am unsure how it will perform with the 1804 motor I have for it.


In addition I put in some holes for airflow through the inside of the fuselage to help keep everything cool. (I am new to electic planes but I figured to much cooling is better then not enough)

Any thoughts or comments on the the build thus far would be awesome.
Maiden flight completed! What a nice flying little airplane. I ended up deciding on a combination of an Emax 1806 motor, 12A Emax BLHeli ESC, and an APC 6x4.5 electric propeller.

The plane would would accelerate vertically when going from half to full throttle and would slow down to a crawl. For control throws I used what Wacoflyer gave for throws with 30% expo added in. I did set up low rates at 70% throw with 30% expo again but had no problems with full throws and actually wouldn't mind slightly more aileron. One not is I do have a small amount of differential set on the ailerons I couldn't tell you the percentage since I set it with servo horn location and a "Y" harness rather then separate channels on the radio.

I hope sharing this will help others.
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Hi allenhat,
Did you give the emaxx 1804 a go or did you go right for the 1806 to be on the safe side. I'm building one as we speak and already have the 1804 from my mini scout that I flew the snot out of. Geez I miss that ship. I printed nerdnics 200% mini scout plans out for this winter's building season. Off topic, sorry. Just wondered about the 1804, I already have one or two laying around is why I am asking. I was thinking if the 1806 takes you vertical the 1804 should be ok for gentle park flying with my son and I. Happy flying
I originally put a ZMR 1804 on it. However it was coming out tail heavy after mounting everything as far forward as possible. So I put the slightly larger (and heavier) Emax 1806 on to reduce the needed noise weight by a few grams. I can build a second power pod and give the smaller motor a try if you like. However I imagine it would do just fine with it.


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I don't want to bother you with that but thank you so much for the offer. This is why I love this forum people jump at the chance to help one another. Ill play around with it and get her tuned in. I have all kinds of different motors to play with. Thank you again for your help. Ill post a pic and a video once it's flying comfortably. Happy flying
I purposefully modified the firewall to take a mighty mini power pod for quick motor swaps.

I look forward to your build pictures and video. Unfortunately I don't any good way to make a flight video. I mostly fly on my own or with my 5 year old with me.


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Allenhat, how's it going buddy? I was just wanting some advice if you will. Do you think 5gram servos would be ok? I personally think that they will work. I just like it rite the first time, doesn't always happen lol. I just hate butchering up an airframe tearing out servos that get glued in. I'm a perfectionist and sometimes that's not the best thing building these ships. Spend to much time thinking and sometimes over think things:). I am taking photos of the build and came up with some cool mods. Will post all when I'm through. I'm gonna minwax and paint with the traditional emblems. I just think with the scalloped edges it would be a pain to tape cover. Btw do you still have/fly yours? I found on my other dtfb builds colored packing tape makes the ship last 4 to 5 times longer than exposed paper, and minwax and paint are a close second. Well all for now, I hope I'm not bothering you. Take care and happy flying. Dustin.
I am using 5 gram servos with no trouble so far.

Unfortunately I have only gotten 20 minutes or so flight time on it so far but I am loving it. I have been limited on my flying times lately that and my elevator servo has popped loose the last two times I have gone to fly it. I am new this hot glue stuff and I think I haven't gotten the servo case roughed up enough yet.

I can see where tape would improve lifespan of these planes and will have to give it a try. I plan on trying out the minwax/paint thing soon also. Probably on my 70% Storch I have been working on after I make sure it flys well enough to put the extra work into it.

My question for you is do you minwax after building or strategically on raw foam board before glueing?
Dumb question: The wing spar, does it go flat or on its edge? I originally built on edge but doesn't seem right. Tiny Trainer speed wing is just flat spar.
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Wing spar flat just in front of the second etch yellow etch line. I minwax after the build but if theres different components i do the separately. They mention in one of the videos glue wont stick to the minwax. I saw a crew member painting it on a whole sheet of a speed build kit though? Maybe because the lazer cuts it out the edges are not exposed maybe. But to be on the safe side i do mine that way. Like the T.T. i did the fuse in one application and the motor nose in another and then wing. You dont get all of the inside of the fuse but i havent had a problem. Also i desticker my servos rough them up real good and then alcohol swabs to take any mold release or oils away. Stick great. Only had one ever to come loose awhile ago on one of my many ft flyers where they are glued to just the part where you would normally put the screws. Yea but if im building a proven design i always tape or minwax. Unproven design, maiden first:)


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I cant believe i built my wing wrong. Geez i feel stupid. Thats why i asked about 5 grams fitting. O boy. At leasts its foam right.
Wing foil seems awful agressive/tall when the spar is on edge. Sure didn't seem right to me for the way the bigger sticks fly. I'm going for more speed and less lift so I'm going to keep spar flat and see what happens. I already tossed out the first wing with spar on edge. Might try to incorporate the Nerdnic wing techniques on round 2 if I like it well enough.

I've got 2204s around so I'll try both the 1806 and 2204 with 5045 and 6045s and 20amp escs, first on 3s then try 4s with 2204s. Will try to incorporate mini pods so I can switch them out and/or add thrust angles if necessary.

Hope to be ready for tonight, will be sticking leds in it since we mostly fly at dusk.
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