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Dave Herbert, The NightFlyyer

I was just watching Dave Herberts latest video on night flying helicopters and fixed wing in the '70s. You guys like stories about using RC to connect with people in a positive way and that is what the NightFlyyer has done with his hobby for over 40 years. He is a pioneer in the hobby from both a technical contribution to pioneering on how to use the hobby to acomplish good.

Last year, you may remember, Dave lost his house and all of his possession including his extensive RC fleet and collection. While he had insurance, it didn't begin to cover the loss of his his collection. Dave begain posting videos on YouTube in 2006 when I think there were maybe 3 other RC channels. A wealth of knowledge and just plain fun.


The RC community contributed money thru a GoFundMe account and many sent Dave RC aircrafts and tools and.....

I think his story would be a good episode as it has all of those values you prize, entertainment, RC, RC, a man with a passion for the hobby and his cumulative positive impact spanning decades.