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:D Hi everyone and yes David is back. On his website he has a picture of chads basement. On the YouTube channel flitetestgremline there is the video: Tricopter Tower Diving, posted yesterday. In behind the scenes Dave talks about his new life in Chad's basement-but shhhhsh he doesn't want to figured out- in behind the scenes section on the forum. He has posted pictures of what he's working on there and It is looking pretty interesting! Can't wait to see you in an episode David- Keep up the great work!!!!:D


The Geeky Pilot
No no no no. I know the thread was made in 2012 but I am asking if in the present day there are plans of his return.
David said in a video he basically has used up all of his Visa options too come back. So he really can't get another Visa to come over for another long period.