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David's Background


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Hi guys,

First off, I LOVE everything about the show and it just continues to get better and better. The behind the scenes is definitely a favorite.

How about a segment about David and his background? I have seen many of his videos from a long time ago where he was filming a Yak doing 3D at a hotel of sorts with a private RC runway and he was using a tricopter. What is up with that? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S99O7sKcbBE

I think the viewers would love know more about him. What does he do? Does he or has he worked with the TeamBlackSheep guys (Raphael Pirker)? How about his education? He seems extremely knowledgeable about anything and everything from electronics to combustion and on and on, and uses technically correct terminology when explaining things. What software does he use to do his video edits?

On a totally different note, I am more of a large scale IMAC guy but that darn Bixler is just SICK! I can easily do a rolling circle with it, and that seems to amaze nearly everyone. I swear there is nothing this thing can’t do once you change out the stock prop for an APC 6x4!

Great shows and I look forward to more,
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If I had an about-page, what I'd write there would be about as much as I'd be comfortable with anyone knowing. But that's just silly old introvert me.