DC3/C47 2 meters / 6,5 foot twin electric plane

Tonight i baught the 3mm depron for the wings, fibreglas, new epoxy:) and a few little parts.

Whats the best way to bend the Depron?
Tomorrow i´ll finnish the wings.

See you soon
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Hy everyone, i unfortunately didn´t finnished the wings today, but i´ll try it tomorow.
I decided to test, how i can create the best bending with my 3mm ( 0,1 inch ) Depron without crush it.
The best way was to put some packingtape onto the "bending line" of the Depron and then bend it over a pattern.


Then i recognized, that the epoxy didn´t harden already so i started with the motorpods.


I made it from 6mm ( 0,2 inch ) Depron and in the end i´ll cover it with 3mm Depron or fibreglas.
It was also not easy to figure out in which angle the carbon tube has to be to bind the inner and outer wing because the outer wing
(everything on the outside of the Motorpods) has a 16 degree angle to the back and a 9 degree angle to the upside.



But after a hard day of work i prepared everything for tomorrow.
By the way, the main fuselage right now weights 425g or 0.93 pounds.

See you
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Today i build the right motorpod and i prepared the wings for bending.


I cut out the cross section of the motorpod out of 6mm Depron and then i covert everything with 3mm Depron.


The motors could be stong enought but they are definately to small.
I put the largest possible prop onto the motor but the diameter of the prop is more or less the same as the diameter of the motorpod xD.


Next i prepared the wings for bending . . .
In fact i glued in the front wing ribs.


Then i glued the carbon rod to the upper side of the wing pillar.
I glued it on with epoxy and fibreglas.


At least i put on the tailweel.


Thanks for reading
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I am building a Boeing 247 and it has a similar look to it (almost exact actually) and i am also building to the same scale as you i am building 1:12 so the actual plane in feet I can convert directly to inches on my own design overall 74 inche wingspan. for my Motors i am using 2 Turnigy D2830-11 1000kv with a 1045 prop on 3s and those should pull about 1000g a piece. As of now i think mine will not have a bomb bay but instead a HUGE battery capacity and a nice paint job and maybe fiberglass i am not sure i have never worked with it before and it is a little antimidating! Im following your build closley and am excited for the final result!
Well, thats my first time i had used fibreglas and i can say not much negative things about it.
The onely bad thing is the long drying time ( about 15 hours ).
Its verry good to work with.
Probabely the next post will be tomorrow.

Yeserday i bend the 3mm Depron over the wingconstruktion.
I finnished the wingspar and thea i glued the wingribs onto the wingspar to give the wnig a round leadingerge (terrible mistake).


Than i glued the wingstar with double sided tape to the 3mm depron


And thats the resault:



After i saw that i renoved the depron from the upside and the wingribs.
Next i tried to flold the leadingedge and it was definately better!
The warping you´ll see is from the last bending.


Please give me some tips how i can produce a nice and clean leadingedge!

Have a nice day
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Ok guys, im sorry for this big break but there was so much to do for the school.
Today i prefinished the wing and i want to give you a little update.


And as you can see the profile is terrible but i´ll fix that.
I also marked the positions of the flaps and the ailerons.


The flaps (in red) will be attached to the wing with special flap hinges from Multiplex.
The wingtips were pretty easy to build and they look prelly nice!


And that is the whole wing.


By the way it would be great if im not the onely one, who writes into this thread.
If there is nobody interested into my projekt i can also spend my time into my projekts.

Tonight i started with the flaps
I´m using special flap hinges and they are so cool!


As you can see the flaps are flat on the wing if they are in the up position so you can onely see the hindges i also reinforced the backside of the flaps with fibreglas to provide it from twisting.
Tomorrow I´ll get my servos so there will definately be a post.
Im not sure if i put the servolever in the right way, is good like it is?
Every help is welcome!

See you tomorrow.
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I don't know much about the servo as I have never really messed with flaps on a plane before, but I will say that those flaps look really cool!
At sunday i got my servos and the are verry good!
I´m sorry but at sunday and monday i had no time to write this.
First build in the servos for the flaps and syncroniced the flaps because i´m drving them on onely one channel so i can´t fit them later with ma radio.
But now i have a few pictures:

flaps 1.jpg

flaps 2 klein.jpg

flaps 3.jpg

As you can see the flaps are flat on the wings if they are in the up position and if i drop the flaps i should be able to fly verry slowly.
The advantage of the splitflaps is that they produce more drag then the normal flaps.


This drag will help me to slow down the plane much faster than with normal flaps but i have to be careful so i don´t get into stall.

Have a nice day!
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Ray K

Ray K
My full-scale (that does mean real airplane, right?) Cessna 421 has split flaps and you're very correct - you do have to watch airspeed closely. The good news is that even with full flaps deployed, the stall is very gentle and controllable. Just don't let it happen within about 500 feet of the surface as you'll most likely bend your airplane. Badly. Also, flaps for takeoff are NOT used, not even 10 degrees. Whether that would apply to your model I have no idea. Just FYI, if I have to make a go-around with full flaps already deployed, it's no problem. Just full power, gear up and slowly milk the flaps off. Full flaps drop the stall speed from 93 mph down to 87 mph.

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Thanks for this information, primary i thought, that i have to drop the flaps when i´m about to takeoff.
The Cessna 421 is basically pretty smilar to the Dc3 (wing and motor proportions) so i think, that it is also pretty smilar in the air.

I wish you as many starts as landings!
Hi guis right now i onely wanted to write down the buildingprocess from yesterday but than i saw that we cracked the 1.000 views and i want so thank you for your this amazing support! :applause:
Well, yesterday i finally finished the right wing so it has a aileron and one flap unit
But now a few pictures:


This is the whole wing in its finished shape, it weights something not far over 100 gramms and its about 70 cm (27,56 inch) long and upto 30cm (12 inch) deep.




These are the thee positions of the aileron.


Thats how i fixed the servo, i just cut out a hole under the wing, made a Depron chunk around the servo and glued on the outcut from the hole.
Then i glued in the whole thing and its verry strong!
The aileron is originaly cut out from the wing stucture, then i angled the front edge, so i got a good upper surface and enought space on the downside to move the aileron downwards.
When i cut it out the peace was warping like crazy, i fixed it using a carbon strudt (douring i sanded it the whole downside pained black :( )
I fixed the hindges at the upper edge (the best place to set the hinges in my opinion).

I hope it was helpful for you and if you have questions - just ask.

Marry Christmas to you guys, i just wanted to give you a little update at my Dc3 but there is not much to say becase i´m right now coping the first wing.
Did you saw the profile of the wing?
It´s terrible and i want to correct it.
Therefore i need your experience in modelling Depron!
I know that its easyer to model it if it´s warm so whats the best temperature to bend Depron?
I´ll really appreciate every help!
The next thing is, thet i´ll visit my grandparents for one week so unfortunately i can´t work on the projekt for this time :( .
But i´ll repair the landing gear, which broke because when we build it we made a mistake.

I wish you a nice Xmas!
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Hi guys!
I´m right now writing on the computer of my grandpa so i can give you a little update on my broken landinggear.
What happened was, that when we build it we drilled a hole on the wrong place.


Unfortunately the hole was right on the bending so it wasn´t really stable at all.


The whole LG is made from a 0,8mm aluminium sheet.


Here you can see the roughly cut new peace.
The inner side of the weelfork was cut out with a dremel tool and then we finnished it with a fine rasp.


The next step was drilling the holes and bending the sides.
It´s verry important to drill the holes first and then bend it!

(Sorry, i have no pictures of that :( )

After drilling and bending i polished everything with 000 steelwool and build it in.


We trimed down the red marked edge because it bas blocking the whole mecanism.

Next we finnished the axes and it lookes pretty nice!
Primary i wanted to drill a little hole into the end of the axes to place a steelwire as a stopper but my grandpa had a better idea.
He wanted to cut a 6mm thread into the end of the (5,3mm) axes.
That would leave us a nice thread, which lookes a bit like a thread in a big plane but now i´ll show it to you.


The result was a good looking and functional landinggear.


Next week (from sunday on) i´ll continue the building on the wings and i´ll finnish the fuselage.

Have a nice week!


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This looks awesome! Great work. Unfortunately I know nothing of depron, I’m just learning about foamboard myself. And your English is ���� great. Keep up the good work.