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So while helping my grandson with his FT Simple Cub my wing on my Bloody Baron glued crooked somehow. How can I fix this problem without destroying it????


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Use a hot air gun, test setting on a bit of scrap, you want low heat so as to not melt the foam but you do want to soften the glue, some hairdryers can get hot enough too.
Heat the glue, then move the wing back true again.


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There is a few options. 1 denatured alcohol easily removes hot glue. 2 I have used an old soldering gun with a flat tip to cut glue. 3 an exacto knife used very carefully


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I agree with @FDS, & @jamboree1 heat is a good choice, a old soldering iron or hair dryer on high should work. A hot air gun, paint stripper, is too hot. Will melt the foam if you get it too close.
Rubbing alcohol or an exacto knife also work.


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I have temp control on my paint gun, on the lowest setting it’s perfect! I also use it for shrink wrapping and doing vinyl wrap.
Not tried a soldering iron, that’s interesting.


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I have temp control on my paint gun,
Absolutely any controlled temp tool will be the best. I use the hot air on my rework soldering station. I also have a separate set of soldering tips I use just for hot glue. Dial in the temp and go, about 190C for hot glue.

I also use my old covering iron, makes perfect fillets. Just wipe the excess glue off the iron with a paper towel.