Deciding between Simple Cub and FT Storch


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Hello, 1st post here.

A friend of mine who flies locally got me excited about getting back into foamies. As a background, my first - and only - foamie I've owned was the infamous Supercub LP RTF. Took me no time to fly and master it. Till I managed to crash it nosefirst - and my short-lived hobby was over for a couple years.

I'm torn between the Cub, which I understand is super-easy for the beginner builder / flyer, and the Storch, which I like for the looks and larger size. As I see it, there's no dihedral in the Storch wing so it will have to use flaperons for control (as rudder alone won't cut it) - and that in itself will require a special TX, no? (I'm planning on getting the Taranis Q X7) I am hoping for a minimal build / tinkering time between receiving the kit and taking to the skies - at least for this first build.

Lastly, I'm hoping that this first purchase will be my "gateway drug" and my plan is to move towards more complex aircraft - and build from plans only, once I become familiar with build process and equipment. I just don't want to buy something that's over my head and get frustrated on my first shot, lol.
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First, I gotta be brief but hope this answers some of your questions:

  • Ether the Storch or the Cub would be great, personally I would go for the Storch as I have heard of people having some issues with the Cub as first time pilots.
  • I am pretty sure you can use dihedral on the Storch. I would recommend it, along with ailerons (see my next point)
  • A Q X7 would be more that capable of controlling "flaperons" (ailerons). Any simple 4ch radio would do it, but the QX7 should carry you a long way.
  • I would recommend having ailerons on your plane. I find that used properly, it makes the plane much easer to fly and control.

Have fun!


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Thanks for the reply - are you saying dihedral can easily be incorporated into the Storch design? And what issues have you heard with the Cub?


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Welcome to the forums! :D

From my experience helping new flyers with the Simple Cub, it can be very pitch sensitive if the CG is off just a little, or if there is any incidence angle between the wing and horizontal stabilizer (i.e. if they are not perfectly flat in line with each other). Both things are correctable, but if you don't have other flyers nearby to help you out it can be a little tricky to figure out the problem. The Storch, being larger, is more resistant to this behavior and more stable / tolerant of little deviations in the build.


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Speaking from experience, I did have some slight issues with the Simple Cub and it's about ready to be maidened again. I've had much better luck with the Storch. In the build video for the Storch there is a step where dihedral is used on the wing. Where the wing is so big, it's hard to tell, but it's there. Really you could do either flat wing or dihedral on either design.


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Another vote for the Storch. I have built a few. They are gentles slow flyers and take off in a short run. The big wings allow them to float. Also they can take a lot of abuse. Get at least a 4 channel radio and set the plane up with ailerons. You can get the the complete kit including electronics from FT.


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Well, just to help further the confusion I recommend the FT Simple Cub.
In its original form it can have some quirks but the fix is so simple that it should not be relegated to hopeless just yet!

To calm down its handling and slow down its landing and take off speeds all you require is to increase the main wing incidence. I use either a Popsicle stick or a piece of 1/16" ply under the wing LE when I fit the wing!

I also built my wing flat, (no dihedral), glued in the landing gear, and fitted 3 inch wheels. With a slight breeze it can almost hover and lands with run outs of less than 1 metre.

Be gentle on the throttle especially on take off and it is a docile and easy to fly machine!

Yes it is smaller/lighter and simpler to build than the Storch but then heavier normally means more damage if and when it bites the ground!

Just my experience.

Have fun!


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Thanks for the replies. So I did buy the Storch, partially because it IS a bigger scale which I presume is a bit closer to the SuperCub LP. We are plagued by windy days most of the time here (south florida coast) so the ailerons should help a bit. Will be my first 4-channel bird. (well, not counting the full-scale Cessnas used to fly long time ago) I also bought the Taranis QX7. Can't wait to see what happens! Am hoping this is the first of many R/Cs in my future. :)