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Deciding on DR/expo


Elemental Madness
I just got my DX6i and have never used dual rates/expo before. I set it to the recommended setting, but are those right for 3D flying? What do you guys use?
dont know your recomended setting ....

but for 3D with huge control surfaces i use something like this:

OFF 1- DR 100% and EXPO 50%(around 50-70 is not unusual)

ON 2- DR 50% and EXPO 30%

also you might try different expos on aileron and rudder

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
Recommended for what plane? I use some expo on most everything. Tames everything while keeping the max throws available. I run upwards of 40% on my hard 3D planes. I also use different expo's on various control surfaces.