Delta mixing for Futaba T6EX radio


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I am building a versa wing, and this is the first time I have used the elevon mix with my Futaba T6EX radio. I read the manual and set it up as it says. The elevator throws are correct, however the aileron throws are opposite. I reversed the aileron servos and now the ailerons work like the elevator and vise versa. I also tried switching the servos to the opposite channel in the receiver, but had the same result in the opposite directions. Can someone help?


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There are 4 combos when it comes to elevons:

Left to first channel, both normal
Left to first channel, both reversed
Right to first channel, both normal
Right to first channel, both reversed

I typically get it wrong three times before I hit the magic combo. Dunno why -- I'm consistently unlucky with this.

You appear to have to stopped on combo #3.

Honestly. Run through all 4 of these combos and one will work.


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I got it! I swopped the left and right servos and reversed both the ailerons and elevator and that did the trick! Completely opposite of what the manual says.