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DesCom Flier - Single Engine - Triple Fuselage Config.


Junior Mastermind
So, I decided to design a scratch build that would be as custom and unconventional as possible, while still following the following requirements;

-It must be swappable
-It must be single-engine
-It must use a very simple construction method
-It must have some sort of closed loop/box wing component
-It must be waterproof/water capable

After a few sketches, I found a design I liked and decided to model it first to get a good feel for the form of it. Because I am still in HS and do'nt have good experience in SketchUp, and I can't get a good representation in AutoCAD (I just use that for cutting), I decided to use a 'software' I know well and no one uses for concept testing; Roblox.

I made a few models of it and took some screenshots to get a good look at how it would function and look.

DesCom Flier Roblox Render.jpg
DesCom Flier Roblox Render II.jpg
DesCom Flier Roblox Render III.jpg

I liked the idea and I will work to make CAD plans and figure out what electronics it would need to work well.

I will post more on my progress as I work on it.