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Designing wings with Sketchup

I think this wing is done.
Its very ugly looking now.

Shoots great video. This is as smooth as I can get this build. Its almost perfect. I added some extra weight to the nose.
The one weird thing about this wing that I cant figure out is its very unstable in roll. I know all wings this size are pretty hands on but this one will drop and roll left or right almost instantly. My spec wings can go almost across this whole field hands off.
Its banged up now and will get flown till its done. The beauty of DTFB.
The video is kind of long at 6 min its almost the entire flight except for some auto pilot stuff and some trim adjustments I edited out. I left the auto take off in. I am flying in manual mode Enjoy.

Already thinking of my next build.......
Well its been fun blue wing but you have gotten to soft and refuse to fly straight any longer. Time to get cut up.
The guts have been moved over to a hopefully fast and efficient plank.
The nano duck is in the works.