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Deuce Goose

Hello All,
This is just a thread starter for a build log I'm putting together. She started out as an FT Guinea Pig that underwent a few rebuilds. After my last interception by a tree I was left with what you see here. Which got me thinking... I've never had a biplane before! For starters I've cut the fuselage down to 5" in height. I've made my templates for the bottom wing mount. And I've made all of my bracing for the wing tie downs and landing gear (converting her to a tail-dragger). As of right now I'm going to keep the poop-chute but I'm doing away with the flaps. I'm running the same iPower 2212s 1000kv on 10/4.7. I've got some better props and motors if these turn out to be anemic. I've got a 10 ch flysky receiver so I think I'll run all the ailerons on separate channels. Might make for some fun mixing later on. Anyhow, I'll post the build log shortly and hopefully have a maiden video by the end of the month.
Hey Hondo, not any progress worth mentioning. I've got FamDamnly in this week and I've been swapping carbs on the USS Silverado. I haven't even been on the forum much this month :cry:
However, most of the honey-dos are all done and we've got rain all week so I'll get back at it either tonight or tomorrow night.

BTW, take offs from the flight deck are awesome... landings not so much lol.