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Did I make a Mistake? Stepper Motor Servo


Building Fool-Flying Noob
Can anyone help me use these stepper motors?

I was looking to get this Micro dragon FPV in the air as more than a glider. I was rolling around Banggood and found This Super Tiny Servo:
Ultra Micro Servo.JPG

They looked like a linear servo , which really looks like this:
I thought,"I can just attach them with a servo wire and we're all set." That's not correct at all. (apparently):eek:

Is there a way I can use this? I've purchased 6 (two planes) and would love to use them in ultra light indoor type planes.

FYI - I have an AT10 and a HK-6A. "FT-1 you're my only hope." Thanks in advance.
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Old and Bold RC PILOT
The servo, (stepper motor), you purchased has no electronics and no positional feedback facility. Without great expense I doubt you could use them as a servo as we know them.

Sorry I have no suggestions as to what you can do from here. perhaps someone else might have a suggestion but I do doubt it!


Eternal Student
You could get an Arduino to run them, using the Rx output. Over-complicated and extremely heavy? Yup ;)

Better and cheaper to just get some regular servos :)


Building Fool-Flying Noob
I've decided done a little digging and I'd need an Arduino nano or and h-bridge. Which is a bit clunky. I find a use somehow:( ... Still hoping but thanks for the replies so far.