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Differential throttle/rudder setup for FS-T6

Hi all, I found a blog post today by 'pressalltheknobs' on this subject (see http://forum.flitetest.com/entry.php?507-Differential-Thrust-with-the-FlySky-Turnigy-i6&#comments) and tried to message him but his inbox was full. Can anyone help me with this please?
I'm trying to get my FS-T6 to link throttle with rudder for a twin motor paddling duck!
The settings suggested made both test servos work together on my throttle (left stick) which is great, but moving the rudder (right stick) doesn't affect them. I had the 2nd servo plugged into channel 3 initially (which I think is the rudder normally)
Any help gratefully appreciated!
I'm pretty sure that the normal channel mapping is 1:elevator,2:aileron, 3:throttle, 4:rudder. According to the link you provided it looks like you should be plugged into channels 3 and 6.

I haven't done a differential throttle plane yet, but the article seems pretty straightforward. If you want your right stick (mode 2) to do your rudder control you would swap channel 4 in the mixes described in the article (left stick), for channel 2 (right stick).

On a 4 channel plane the rudder is on the left stick, and that may be why you are running into problems.


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FlySky radios are usually AETR channel order for channels 1234. For differential thrust you need to use another channel for the 2nd motor and control it with the T channel...say CH6

So you need a mix for that... The T6 should be fairly close to the i6 in that respect.

...so you plug one esc into the RX CH3 and one ESC into RX CH6.

In order to get the rudder to affect the throttle you have to use mixes to mix the rudder channel (CH4) with each of the two throttle channels (CH3 and CH6). So you need two additional mixes to do that. Mix 2 and Mix 3 in my blog. Sounds like that's the bit you are missing or don't have set up correctly.

Once you have the mixes setup getting the direction correct can be a bit tricky...making sure the rudder effects each motor in the correct way. Also generally you don't want 100% mix for the rudder mixes but something much less...for your project it might be right but expect to adjust it down.
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