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Differential Thrust - Turnigy/FlySky iA6 2A


Old and Bold RC PILOT
I recently had a Sea Duck gifted to me complete! The build was not too good and the electrics were a bit of a mess!

So I tidied up the electircs and got the whole thing working and control surfaces all centred and then I noticed that there was no rudder servo:eek:.

Obviously if I was ever to do a take off that was not hand or bungy launched I would either need to add a rudder servo or program up differential thrust. As you can guess by the name of this thread I decided to program the Tx for differential thrust. Here is basically the way I approached the setup and the different mixes I implemented. Bare in mind that there may be differences with later versions of firmware on the iA6 as I have had mine for a few years but the differences are easily allowed for!

Prior to setting any mixes I returned all trims and sub-trims to their respective centres.
I then removed any association of the normally unused channels from control switches or potentiometers.

Now I fitted the PORT ESC/engine lead to the ESC into channel 3 port on the Rx and the Starboard ESC/engine lead into channel 5 port on the Rx. I disconnected the RED lead on the Starboard ESC at the plug of the ESC itself.

I then went to display on the programming menu of the TX to ensure that all channels were centred, (except for the throttle, (CH 3), of course).

Next I went to mix on the setup menu and made the mixes as below.

Mix 1 - ON
Master - Ch 3
Slave - Ch 5
POS . mix - 100%
NEG . mix - 100%
Offset - +50%

Mix 2 - ON
Master - Ch 4
Slave - Ch 3
POS . mix - 50%
NEG . mix - 50%
Offset - +50%

Mix 3 - ON
Master - Ch 4
Slave - Ch 5
POS . mix - -50%
NEG . mix - -50%
Offset - -50%

Next I saved the settings by holding the "CANCEL" button until the Tx "Beeps".

The return to the Display window on the setup menu to verify that the throttle differential functions as required. If not play with the polarity of the settings on mix 3 until you get what you require.

Save the settings and escape the Tx programming menu. Open the throttle to max.

With the propellers removed apply the Plane's battery and wait until the ESCs beep. Then return the throttle on the Tx to minimum. The ESCs should be calibrated and now test the functioning of the differential thrust programming.

It worked for me!

Have fun!
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