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Hello! You helped me in the past with my turnigy radio and receiver and I was wondering if they could do differential thrust. I am on a turnigy i6 and wanted to make turn a Skyraider foam glider into a fully functional RC plane like they did on the flite test channel. I was going to (ofc) use the one that josh made with 2 motors as differential only using 1 servo, I only have 2 servos to spare so this seemed like a great option and way to do it and I will be using 2 powerpack a motors. I just wanted to ask you this and run the plan by all you.


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Yes, you can setup differential thrust with the i6. You will need 3 mixes.
First mix throttle to 2nd throttle channel, +100, can be any unused channel you choose.
Second mix, rudder to throttle, +100.
Third mix rudder to 2nd throttle, -100.

If the differential is reversed, swap the channels the motors are plugged into. OR swap the +100 & -100 in both rudder mixes.