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DIY 50mm EDF Grunjet

Hello, Is there a build video for this jet? I would really like to make one. I need to bring the plans to staples to make them bigger but not sure how big to make them. I'm guessing the size of the foam board.
No there isn't a build video, I can help you with any questions you have though.
You don't need to make the plans any bigger unless you want to run a larger EDF, the plans right now use a 50mm EDF. If you let me know what EDF you have I can let you know how much you'll need to scale the plans up by.
Introducing the Grunjet, a two sheet foamboard performance jet flying fast and sporty, and slows down to a solid run on landings, and is packed with amazing vertical performance, all only costing 80$ built to BNF standards


-Parts list
two sheets of adams readi-board

FMS 50mm 11 blade EDF 4s version

4s 1300mah 45C

40a esc

three 9g servos


I would say roughly 70mph


smooth but fast roll rate with the same tendencies on the elevator which makes a great introduction to jets

-Slow speed
This is one of the strongest points for the design, so it comes in really slow compared to other jets in its class.

A little rough but I have yet to drop a wing

This plane doesn't have a rudder so you're limited to basics: rolls, loops, and inverted flight.

-Take offs
You can either do an underhand launch while holding the thrust tube, or my favorite, just plop it on the grass and give it full throttle and off she goes!

Nearly unlimited


4.5 to 5 in/11.5 to 12.5 cm from leading edge


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Grunjet Plans V1.0


Grunjet Decals

All most finished with the jet. One question though. What do I do with the esc pod ?
I have a spare 64mm EDF (Freewing) that I would like to use. Should I just modify the EDF Tube and Mount, or scale the plans by some factor?
It'd be easier to just modify the thrust tube and mounts, it can handle the extra weight so just modding the thrust tube won't bring up any issues.