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DIY Tarot 250 FPV Build - Suggestions?


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Any input is appreciated :D. I already have a DX6i so went with the LemonRX but might switch to OrangeRX depending on performance. Got 5030 props to start and 6030 to advance and will get HQ 6030's or HQ 6045's when I get real serious. Also looking for input on what OSD to get. Let me know if I am missing anything or if I can answer any questions!

Quad - Total $194.87

Video - Total $104.46

Misc - Total $23.81


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Dang I was worried about the battery. I wanted the nano-tech 1300's but since they are out of stock on HK currently I somehow justified the 30c~40c ones with these pretty graphs. I might just get the 1500mah nano-techs and deal with a bit of extra weight.

Can you expand a bit on the noticeable performance differences between the DYS BE1806 and the Emax MT1806? I was trying to decide between the 2 when making the list but leaned more towards the DYS's since they proved to provide a bit more thrust with 5030's and 6045's. (MT1806 Reference)

Thank you very much for your input!


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DYS has a nasty habit of shipping with sub-par bearings. I am not the only person to complain about them. New, my DYS 1806s didn't sound very good on the bench. After a crash or two, my DYS motors were rattling and buzzing pretty loudly. New bearings help until the shaft or motor bell is bent.

My eMAX motors have not had any issues at all and I have flown them over a year now and I do crash.


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Thanks. I think I'll switch to the MT1806's. Still on the fence about the 1500mah nano-tech's from HK. I don't wanna wait for the 1300's to come back in stock but I don't want to add unnecessary weight either :p


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i too ended up with 1300 35-45C i believe maybe 50. unfortunately, that's all that were available..

how much heavier will the 1500 be? wold you not get more flight time? im glad i did not buy more than 2 of them tho. or i would of ended up with a bunch of the wrong size.

also i think you should buy more props.. since you have more than a couple on your list anyhjow..

i think i may try to find that style of landing gear and mod it to work for my frame, im starting to dis like the idea of legs on the arms, or under the motors..

im thinking they are 450 style heli skids yeah?

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if you want my advice stay away from the Tarot 250, its poorly made and the PDB often cracks. 2mm carbon simply isn't thick enough especially if your a beginner, and even though it looks like a nice design, your gonna have so many problems in the future. i personally think if you want budget you should go with a ZMR or an EMAX 250 pure carbon