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DJI S900

Hey guys,

I have for sale a DJI S900, full system with an A2 flight controller, iOSD Mark II, and a gimbal for a black magic pocket cinema camera.

I'm selling because I no longer have a use for it. It was flown literally four times, so it is still in almost brand new condition. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it (that I'm aware of). It currently has LESS THAN 2 HOURS flight time on it. It comes with:
A2 Flight Controller
Z-15 Zenmuse BMPCC Gimbal
1 EXOTIC 40C 10000mAH 6S battery. Buy one battery I will throw in a second identical one for free!
You can buy this setup brand new from DJI for $3,800 right now (not including the battery which is $329 full price or the OSD which is $255 brand new). However I am only asking $3400 for everything listed above. Also keep in mind this one is fully constructed and wired for FPV as well as wired for video from the BMPCC on the gimbal. (it is currently wired with fatshark transmitters in mind, but you'll need to add your own transmitters anyway, so you can wire it however you'd like.) It is able to switch back and forth between video feeds from FPV camera to gimbal camera via the IOSD.

I will be at flitefest this year, and will accept cash or paypal. Please message me or reply if you're interested. Photos can be supplied upon request (at work right now though, making this post before I forgot, so will get them to you when I get home) Still have original boxes for everything, so will ship if absolutely necessary, but I'd rather meet you at flitefest! Hope to hear from you. Thank you :)