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Do I need some kind of adapter?

Hey ya'll!

Just bought a UMX timber and I'm having SO much fun with it!

Just bought these batteries off amazon and found out pretty quickly that they're not the correct plug to plugin to my plane.
I've done (what I feel like is) a ton of research to try and find a way to use these in my plane, but I can't find an adapter that goes from JST to the eflite (or EFL) input on the plane.

Could I potentially find an adapter that goes from the larger 2s balance port on the batteries to the smaller 2s port on the plane?
can these batteries expel power out of the balance port like these batteries that I know work with the plane?
Should I just return these things and cut my losses?

Would love any help you guys can provide, thanks!



Eternal Student
The easiest route would be to change the connector on the plane, unless you also have a ton of the stock batteries. You could make an adapter, both ends are readily available you just have to determine exactly what the e-flight connector actually is. The battery is JST-RCY, the e-flight is probably a JST-PH.