Do you need a flight mode switch?

I know it's a dumb question but as soon as you google it the only thing that pops up is the airplane mode switch on you phone :/. So I have a 6ch transmitter/receiver combo and one of the channels is assigned to the flight mode switch which I never use so I only have one other control option. Could I just remap the flight mode switch channel to a different control and not use a flight mode switch at all?

Another quick question, My transmitter has (what looks to be) way more than 6 channels on it so could I just get a 10ch receiver and pair them together? Thanks.


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Whicht Transmitter did you have? The Channels have nothing to do with the ammount of switches you have on the transmitter.
If it´s a 6 channel transmitter you will have only 6 channels. So a 10 Channel reciever will work but only 6 channels can be used.
A Switch for the modes is not needed. Then you will always stay in the default mode. That depends on the copter firmware. For Betaflight is Acro mode i think. What you will definetly need is one channel for the Arming switch (Leanfligt and betaflight) for Libre pilot you can arm witch out a switch.
I'm using libre pilot so I arm it with the stick already. So if I just remap the switch to a different control it would fly in mode 1? I might just set all the flight modes to be the same just to be one the safe side ;). But yeah I think your right about he transmitter, it says its a 6 channel transmitter but it has way more switches on it. What would the rest of them be used for then if not to control the drone (there's about 4 unused functional switches)?


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You ca use the switches for activate mixers, Dual rate, expo and other functions on planes for example.
If you are flying a wuad you will need 4 channels, so 2 channels are free. If you arme with the controll stick you have still 2 channels free.
If you not want to switch between flight modes just set all flight modes equal in librepilot just to be on the safe side and desctivate the channels for mode and arm. The two channels can then be used for what ever. But i don't have any idea for what. I don't want to miss the arming switch.


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I have a 3 pos switch that I use for arming and 2 flight modes. I don't switch modes much but the arming is important. Last winter my son was flying his quad and during some aerial maneuvers he accidentally disarmed his motors. Now he arms on the switch.
I have a 16 ch radio, its got lots of switches and knobs.

I use 6 channels max, and maybe 2 switches. Dont even use rates. i tried dual rates and found that i just ran out of throw in low rates very quickly. So i fly in high rates all the time,.

depends on wha tyour flying and wha tyour trying to achieve, ive heard of some pro polites having multiple modes depending on what manouvours they are doiing. Also dont forget that some planes with have flaps for landing and take off, maybe even air brakes aswell, retractable landing gear.

swtiches as mentioned can also be used for mi