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Does anybody have a cheap FPV setup they can recommend?

I need to figure out a new FPV setup, however i have no experience with FPV. I have done my research, though.
I'm thinking of using a MPX twinstar for my FPV platform, but I'm open to new ideas.

What i need to know is, does anybody have a cheap FPV setup with a board camera they can recommend?

I need the transmitter, reciever, camera, everything. I was thinking of using the "simple FPV setup" from Flitetest, but that's backordered.

For the FPV platform, i want one that i don't have to buy all of the electronics for, like the Bixler. i want to use my own Turnigy 9X receiver in it.

Can anybody send me in the right direction with a setup?


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ReadyMadeRC has good setups.

you can buy the bixler RTF then switch out the receiver if you want too, but connecting electronics is frankly an easy job, and in the scope of work of building a whole fpv setup, almost an insignificant amount of work.


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You have 2 choices here and get to pick only one.

Cheap, limited range, poor performance. <$100 check out many Chinese vendors.
Reliable, lasting, Great performance, $200+ Check out ReadyMadeRC.

There are of course exceptions and varying opinions plus YMMV.

Go over to RCModelReviews youtube page and check out a recent video Bruce posted on this subject.

I would rather pay a bit more and buy from readymade then buy the same system from a company with bad costumer service. The costumer service of readymaderc rocks!


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In case no one noticed, HK now has lots of FPV setups in stock as of yesterday. Just about everything (900, 2.4, and 5.8, of all power outputs) has been on backorder for at least a month.

I just bought a 200mw 900mhz system. I know most people think it's crap, but it's my first system and I can't afford to drop $200+ on something I'm not even sure if I'll like. The $60 HK setup seems like a good way to get started, and upgrade later.

Are there any major shortfalls of the HK setups that need to be addressed immediately? Again, I'm not looking to do long range stuff or anything complicated, I just need it to work. Hopefully it at least "works" right out of the box.


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I had read about the wire-swap issue in the discussion section under the product, but no real documentation on it, as you said. Sounds like an easy enough fix though.

I've also read that the latest versions come correct from HK, so no mods are necessary. Guess I'll wait and see. You never really know what you're going to get from HK!


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I've got the same setup, and it works well on the ground, but I haven't flown it yet. It's upgradable with a better camera and better antennas, but its a good first unit.

Apparently HK website has a bug right now that won't let you access the files section.

Mine was wired wrong, no video. Used a needle to release and swap the pins in the connector, and, Voila!

Also, works fine with a 2S, and the transmitter doesn't get as hot.
Does anyone have experience with HK FPV kits? If so what should I get for decent range (1-2KM) and decent video? I'm pretty new to FPV and I'm trying to figure out what to go with. Thanks for the help!! :D