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Does anyone know how to?

Can any one tell me if it is possible on HK to narrow search results down to a specifeci warehouse? For example I would like to purchase some things but I wish for them to come from US Warehouse rather than the international. I know how to see if said item is at the warehouse after my search but was eondering if you can naroow your search to that particular warehouse?

Any thoughts
Thanks in advance


I don't know about searches, but you can sort by warehouse under the categories. If you enter United States on the pull down bar located near the top of the homepage, then you can sort items by, 'wieght, $, USA.'
You can also click on items like Airplanes then the subcategory - Warbirds, then go over and click USA. Or you can click the USA Warehouse on the front page, right side, and go through everything in the USA warehouse. So the answer is yes, you can search the USA warehouse in several different ways.