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Does Size Matters?

Hello there.
I'm mad about Corsairs F4U. Now I'm building one with 1000mm wingspan. It's comes from here: http://manubricole.free.fr/articles.php?lng=fr&pg=131 But, as you can see, its a derivation of another plans. The original make a smaller plane… So I decided built this too and there's my issue about size: How dificult is to fly a small plane like that? I'm using four 9g servos, 1300 Li-po, E-max 9'11 brushless. Testing CG and its OK. Testing propulsion and seems OK too… lilcorsair.JPG
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Smaller the plane, the twitchy-ier the flight. there's a reason most of the new Parkzone ultramicros have active stabilization systems (AS3X) built in, and the latest versions really perform well becasue of it.

It's realy an issue of physics -- less mass spread out means less resistance to the torques the control surfaces generate. More spread out the mass, the more sluggish the response. While sluggish isn't what you want for aerobatic performance, a little sluggishness makes things easier in model avaition.

1m wingspan it shold be fairly controlable if built right. If you still feel nervous about it, consider getting a stabilization board/receiver. A plane that size should accomidate a small one and there are quite a few on the market. When set up properly, can make a hard-to-fly plane very well behaved.