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Dollar Store Glider Armada!


Junior Member
I know you guys tend to use a lot of dollar store foam board for your custom builds and prototypes, but have you considered ordering a bunch of one dollar gliders and modifying them for R/C?

The applications for these things could be limitless, but as a basic idea I think it would be really cool to see a bunch of (perhaps ludicrously overpowered?) gliders dogfighting. Maybe there's a FT Challenge in this? I'd imagine they'd be easy to hack together, so they could be a serviceable platform even for FPV (probably more fitting than dogfighting them but hey you never know for sure right?)

They have them available in single units as well as cases of 24, so it could be cheap and a lot of fun to set a bunch of them up and proceed to smash the life out of them in the air! :D

Here's the link I found for the gliders: https://www.dollartree.com/Seasonal...n/1248c412c412p341336/index.pro?method=search


It shouldn't do that....
I gutted an old harbor freight free flight airplane and glued the motor to a chuck glider, it flew well but it was free flight only. It probably wouldn't be too hard to keep going and add rc gear as well


Junior Member
That's what I was thinking. I mean it would be pretty quick work even to hotwire out the "control surfaces" already outlined on the thing and rig them to a couple of servos I would imagine.

Could even link a few up and make some sort of planezilla multiwing kind of thing out of a few of them! This is sounding more and more like a Peter project as I get into it though haha