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Dominator KFm3 wing, Beta release


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A few months ago, I sketched up some plans for a wing much like the FT Mini Arrow in size and purpose, but with a KFm3 airfoil and a wider center pod. I personally did not like how the mini arrow flew, and wanted a similar sized plane, but with better flight characteristics. So here's what I came up with.

Dominator KFm3 flying wing

Wingspan- 28"
Recommended power system- Flite Test Power Pack F
Recommended battery- 850 mAh 3s
Channels- 3
Build difficulty- 2
Pilot skill level- 2

Before you begin the build, you should have these pieces-

1x main wing plate
2x middle wing plate
2x top wing plate
2x electronics pod doubler
2x winglets
1x electronics pod
1x electronics pod cover
1x mini power pod (not on plans)

To start off the build, take your main plate, and open up and bevel the elevon hinges. Glue seal the hinges so they don't delaminate. Next, take the two middle plates, and glue them to the main plate. Do the same with the top plates. Now, put your servos in and do your linkages. I'm not going to elaborate on this because people do linkages so many different ways, so do it the way you want. Just make sure you dial in about 5mm of reflex. Now, do a 45 degree double bevel on the leading edge. You can also use an iron to create the same effect. Next, take the electronics pod, and perform a B fold on both sides. Use the tabs in the main wing section to align and glue it in. Now, take the electronics pod cover and install it. If you don't have an idea what you're doing, just take a look at the pod section of the mini arrow build, it is much the same. Install the rest of your electronics, and do your TX setup. Lastly, glue the winglets on. Feel free to make your own winglets if you don't like the size or look of these. Now install your battery and make sure your aircrafts CG is right. There is a small mark on the plans, but for those of you who didn't mark it or just need the measurement, it's two inches from the front of the motor cutout. It is also even with the front of the tab slots for the electronics pod. Now, check your CRAP and go fly!

I'd love to see your builds! Or at least I hope a couple of you build one. ;) Feel free to post your build or flying tips and please post plenty of pics for others to see. I'm not able to take photos, so I'm depending on you awesome guys!


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I do like your where you're going with this design.
I do have a question, the title says "KFm4," but the plans say "KFm3" and your instructions describe "KFm3," so am I misunderstanding that the title should be "KFm3?"
In the attached, is the yellow arrow pointing to the aft of the top plate line and is the red arrow pointing to the aft of the middle plate line?



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Thanks for the catch, I’ll change it, and yes, you are correct. The yellow arrow points to the back of the top plate, and the red arrow points to the back of the middle plate.