Double Ender - STOL Redefined PROTOTYPE

Double Ender - STOL Redefined PROTOTYPE 1.0

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any updates?
Ya it flew good, almost no trim. I did as Mr NCT said with 5 degrees instead of 7 and that seemed right enough but I didnt really get a good feel for it yet. I made the throttle cut on 2 switches and was expirimenting flying on just the front motor and it was fine, but when I went to turn on the back one I hit the wrong switch and turned the front off. It was a little nose heavy and going very down wind so the split second of no power sent it straight down. Its repairable. I like the 3d printed ft legacy gear on it. It feels a little top heavy on the ground, but that seemed to go away in the air even with no dihedral.


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Took it out again this morning. Fun fly, the only thing I can add is that it will spin. I don't know if spins are recoverable yet :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
The good news is that spinning in from about 30 feet caused no damage just popped the rubber bands off the wings.