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Doubt About Hitec Aurora 9x

Hello guys,

I didn't found the answer anywhere on the forum or the internet.

Is it possible to use an UHF system with Aurora 9x?

What is the best option for Long Range Flights using an Aurora 9x transmitter?

Thanks everyone


being Ghetto since 2016
First things first.
I've never touched a Aurora 9x.
But Ive scratchbuild some Radios with microcontrollerboards and Opensource software...


Normaly every radio is using 3 - 4 Wires for powering and communication with the transmitter part.
What happens if you unplug the transmitter-part on your aurora 9x? is there a error message on the screen?
you will lose telemetry if your radio is still working without errors, because every brand uses other protocols.

Best regards...