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DR Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Bixler

So I have been flying my Bixler with a GoPro attached and like many, I want to get the nose out of the video. So the majority of what I have seen has been hacking the nose off of the plane. Well I still want to fly my Bixler around like a normal plane so I have a few options. Get another Bixler and hack it’s nose off or be content with the nose being in my shots OR do something completely different.
I chose something completely different and started coming up with my interchangeable 2 headed Bixler or DR Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Bixler. This is still an experiment, since at this time I have not had it up in the air to see how it flies; the weather has not been very good for a test flight.
I decided I should cut the entire cockpit area off the plane then build a bulkhead that would be used to attach the cockpit back to it for normal flights and another for video flights, that way I could get the best of both worlds and still only use 1 Bixler.
Both heads have their own receiver, which allows me to setup different settings for essentially 2 planes and I used MPX connectors to make all the body mounted connections easier. I also decided to add a battery tray which I am hoping will make positioning the battery easier but also give the heads a good anchor so they don’t fall off. I did go a little overboard with making sure the heads stay secured and realized after gluing in the 4 magnets that they are a little too strong, which makes it a bit tough to pull the heads out, but at least I know I won’t be watching my plane decapitate itself mid-flight.
All-in-all it has been a learning experience and the next system will be different, but I have achieved my goal of having a plane I can fly normally with its nose attached as well as be able to fly it with nose free video.
I would love to see what you all think and maybe together we can improve upon my initial design.

Here are some of the images I took during the build:
DSC04593.JPG DSC04595.JPG DSC04596.JPG DSC04598.JPG DSC04605.JPG DSC04607.JPG DSC04608.JPG DSC04611.JPG DSC04613.JPG DSC04615.JPG DSC04618.JPG DSC04619.JPG DSC04626.JPG DSC04630.JPG DSC04631.JPG DSC04634.JPG DSC04635.JPG DSC04636.JPG DSC04637.JPG DSC04639.JPG DSC04640.JPG DSC04641.JPG