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DragonFly tail servo tilts all the way to right when armed

FIXED: firmware re-flash. DragonFly tail servo tilts all the way to right when armed

Hello all,

I just finished my DragonFly build and I have a odd behavior. At least to me

I am running CleanFlight 1.9 with a Naze32 and all stock components from the FT kit, with electronics from FT.

When the DragonFly is armed, the tail servo is tilted all the way to the right. As I apply throttle the servo moves to the centre position. As a tri-copter, this works and it is flyable.

As a tri copter it lifts off at just over 50% throttle, however...

When I add the additional booms and motors to go from a tri to a pentacopter it lifts off at about 30% throttle.

However, the tail servo does not centre at 30% throttle and the pentacopter spins...if I move to 50% throttle to get yaw control, then the copter is flying away from me.

All the pictures and videos I have seen on the web seem to show the servo at neutral when the board is armed....

What am I doing wrong?

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That behavior isn't right. The servo should only move with yaw, not with throttle.

Can you post a screenshot of the 'Servo' tab in Cleanflight Configurator?


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Did you mechanically center the servo when you attached it to the tilt mechanism?
I would center it with a servo tester, install it, and then check it again to ensure it's center point is at the right spot.
If you adjust it with trims or sub trims, you will have trouble getting enough travel to arm it.
Start with it at the center or it will be nothing but headaches.

Best regards,
I centered the servo prior to install, then verified it again with a servo tester, it is centered.

here is a video showing the servo moving with throttle control

Mixes in the transmitter were my first thoughts, but it was a clean slot...

However, when in doubt re-flash the firmware.

I flashed, back to 1.8.1 and the problem fixed itself.

Flashed back to 1.9 and it stayed fixed, very odd

Thanks for all the replies