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Dragonlink - What does it do?


Junior Member
Guys, I'm a little confused about the Dragonlink and am hoping you can clear things up for me.

I've been tho their site and read the promos but am not sure about a few things;

- I think i get it that it boosts/turns the control transmitter into a UHF transmitter for longer range
- What does it do with the video signal, anything?
- If it does convert the video signal how does it do it?




Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
Dragonlink is for extending your RC Transmitter's to long range.

Video is an entirely different system requiring other components, video transmitter, receiver and display.



Junior Member
Thanks for that. I thought that that was the case but the website goes on and on about 'removing all boundaries for FPV' ... that, to me, insinuates that they cover the video side of things too. Shame on me for believing the marketing hype.

Thanks for clearing it up for me.


Stuck in Sunny FL
Staff member
Why they're marketing it that way is that the advertised range of a Spektrum 2.4 Ghz radio is about half a mile, and you can easily out distance that with a moderately powered video system and a good set of antenna.