Drone Circus?


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So saw this in my news feed and read the story, watched the trailer and I have to say....Im thoroughly interested and intrigued by this idea. I think that the public seeing "drones" (I HATE that name by the way) in a good light is a great thing. One problem I see with this though is public safety. The way the trailer portrays it they might be flying over the crowds and as we all know here on FT, everything is prone to breaking down mid flight. But that being said if this came close to me here stateside I would pay to go see it. What's your take on this?

The article: http://www.cnet.com/news/the-worlds-first-drone-circus-is-coming-to-amsterdam/
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Nice to see the killer flying bots from Oblivion make a guest appearance in the video - will they be shooting at a Tom Cruise lookalike? :)
Mind you - today is the 1st of April!!!


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Hell yeah I'd go to one! Dangerous if they fly close to the people but hey accidents happen in circuses even if drones are not involved only difference is that it would affect the performer alone and not the crowd.