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Drone Fly In meeting the Netherlands


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Hi all,
Juli, 11th 2015 13:00-17:00 PM we have our first drone fly-in meeting.
This event is in Zegveld (near Woerden, centre of the Netherlands) at the SIVEO soccerfields and we have entrance to an indoor soccerhall the size of half soccer field, about 4 meters till 10 meters high.
This event is for every dronepilot and for all levels, especially the drone pilots who fly alone and want to meet others and see other drones you only know from YT. Flying together is more fun. This is our first event and we really do not know how many dronepilots will participate. So check this site: www.drone-academy.nl. This is not the site of the Dutch Drone Academy, which is more for professional dronepilots and education and also a very cool drone company.We aim at the hobby-ist or the drone pilots who want to fly together ones in a while. Even if you a have bought a drone for 50 euro's or made it yourself from flitetest or simplecopter plans, it does not matter to us. We love everything that flies. And it is nice to see al those different types.
We are inspired bij flitetest and also want to help, meet and greet other (drone) pilots. We ask for a little entrance fee for the drone pilots. Spectators, students and children <18 years : free entrance to fly zone.
Thanks and see you later in Zegveld and do not forget to check the site.

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Te laat deze thread gevonden. Bij deze heb ik hier een abootje. En misschien lukt het een volgende keer. Zelf ook diy-er dus wil graag gelijkgestemden ontmoeten