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Drone usage now and possible usage in the future (survey) + A couple of little stories about my Eachine X220

Hello there!
I am doing a project work on drone usage now and in the future and am searching for input because Reddit has been kind of hesitant on providing it and I thought that this would be a good and fairly diverse community to survey.
Here is the link if you decide to do it: https://goo.gl/forms/8yfPQaHDPjSJrCRB2

So anyhow, I've always been quite passionate about drone but didn't really want to spend a lot of money, so I started with toy drones.
Then I decided that it is time to move on to something more serious, so I decided to buy a ARF FPV drone, because I was scared about the rumors that large amounts of parts arrive faulty and also I didn't really want to go thru the hassle of building my own drone from scratch..

So, when I first got it I put everything together to take it on the first flight.
The first minute was okay but then it started rattling like crazy and parts started flying left and right, it looked quite epic actually, like some kind of noisy, rattling robot you see in movies....
That's when I learned my lesson to tighten my screws :D
After about an hour of searching for lost parts, I found everything except one frame standoff which I still haven't ordered till this day.

And also, make sure all your ESC's are properly tuned (or don't...)
When I replaced my first ESC which burnt down, I had to download BLhelisuite to sync all the values.
When I opened it up, I realized, that the max throttle input value un every ESC was different and not synced with my receiver's max throttle.
After I set all the values as they should be I took it on a test flight, gave it some throttle, aaand instantly burned down another ESC...